• What is Orange Pekoe Tea? - Learn About The Popular Black Tea

    What is Orange Pekoe Tea? - Learn About The Popular Black Tea

    One of the most popular black teas globally, Orange Pekoe, is named after China's Fujian province, where it was initially produced. The tea takes its name from the way the processed leaves resemble tiny orange pincushions. Nice, right?  The Orange Pekoe tea has a characteristically full and earthy flavor with notes of caramel. We pride ourselves on the authenticity of our Orange Pekoe teas....
  • Hojicha Tea: Types, Preparation & Benefits

    Hojicha Tea: Types, Preparation & Benefits

    The rich, sweet aroma of hojicha and its dark color stands out from common green teas. The leaves are roasted after being steamed, giving the tea a uniquely smoky, earthy aroma. Along with removing any bitterness, the roasting process creates a darker color and unique flavor that is different from traditional green teas. A lot of tea connoisseurs prefer hojicha tea to other green...
  • Green Tea Shot Recipe: Everything to Know

    Green Tea Shot Recipe: Everything to Know

    The name is derived from the colour and not the ingredients as many think otherwise. While many may expect this alcoholic beverage to contain elements of green tea in the shot, might be left disappointed. But they will be highly surprised at how delightful it is in terms of taste. It is an extremely popular party shooter and is a sweet-sour whiskey beverage with...
  • Fruits Teas & Its Types

    Fruits Teas & Its Types

    Flavored teas have become one of the popular choices among tea lovers. And within that category what has achieved immense love are the fruity flavors. The craze for fruit teas started as a fad and has since been going on. And surely you have tried some fruit tea by now, haven’t you? It is a paradise for the tea enthusiasts since there exists a...
  • Best Herbal Tea For Headaches

    Best Herbal Tea For Headaches

    Headaches are irritating and prove to be a disrupting element of your day-to-day life. There are almost ten types of headaches. The common ones are primary headaches, tension headaches, caffeine headaches, migraines headaches, allergy and sinus headaches, hormone headaches, hypertension headaches. The less common ones are exertion headaches, hypertension headaches, rebound headaches, post-traumatic headaches. As are the multiple kinds of headaches so are numerous...
  • Spicy Heaven Tea - The Delicacy from Ceylon

    Spicy Heaven Tea - The Delicacy from Ceylon

    Made from the finest Ceylon black tea, Spicy Heaven Tea is one of the finest examples of perfection. Need some spice in your life - the Spicy Heaven tea, blended with hints of cardamom and cinnamon brings you exactly what you were lacking.  The aftertaste which has hints of pepper and apple brings you to the brink of ecstasy and fills our heart with...
  • Caffeine in Matcha tea

    Caffeine in Matcha tea

    Green tea has been studied for its antiviral, antifungal, and antibacterial properties. In addition, its high concentration of antioxidants has also been shown to help slow the oxidative process contributing to aging. But with matcha, all of the entire tea leaves are consumed, which means even more health benefits. Matcha green tea is a finely ground powdered tea originally from Japan. Our delicious Matcha...
  • Get Rid of Your Monotonous Days with a cup of Floral Tea

    Get Rid of Your Monotonous Days with a cup of Floral Tea

    Are your teas contributing no more in adding zest to your everyday routine? Made from dried flowers, floral teas are much more than your average beverage. Let us look into the secret to give an exceptional twist to your monotonous teas. Let us understand the benefits of floral tea - it will surely make you want to try it out.  Different Types of Floral...
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