How to Brew Ice Tea ?

A definitive guide by TeaSwan

Iced tea may be a refreshing beverage that's the very common to beat the heat of summer. Hydrating, thirst-quenching and refreshing – it's exhausting to deny the attract of a perfectly-chilled glass of tea. Teaswan is  here to assure you that the Ice tea is really super fast and simple to make. So quick, in fact, you’ll land up back within the room to brew a number of additional cups throughout the day. What’s additional is that approximately all the tea can be enjoyed with a cube of ice.

How does one attain the best-tasting tea ever?

It all comes right down to 3 factors:

1. The quantity of tea you employ
2. The temperature of the water
3. The time you let your tea steep

Make the proper tea reception, every time, thanks our easy in small stages guide.

>> Prep time: five minutes
>> Cook time: 2-3 hours (steep time: five minutes)
>> Total time: 2-3 hours

1) Measure your tea

Measure your favorite tea tea sort. Simply scoop 1-2 excellent Spoons (approx. five teaspoons) of the loose leaf tea . Make sure that the quantity of loose leaves that is put should be double as it will be diluted with ice. When we talk about preparing a tea flavour is all that matters.
• Brewing it stronger gives a flavourful and aromatic tea
• Brewing the tea weaker gives a watery and almost no taste tea with absence of aroma.

2) Pour in the hot water

With the tea leaves ready with you. Next step involves the Water temperature that is one in all the foremost vital variables in steeping a systematically delicious cup of tea. If the tea is steeped tooo hot then there are chances if burning the leaves whereas if steeped too cold then the taste of tea will be bland. Therefore it is very important to maintain a balanced temperature.

3) Let it steep

Make sure all of the leaves in your vessel are either submerged or a minimum of wet (we don’t need any dry floating tea leaves on the top). this may make sure that every herb has enough heat to assist extract it’s superb flavours, therefore you get a good tasting cup, every time.

4) Dispense tea over ice

Fill the mug with ice, rest the vessel right prime and watch as your infused tea pours out like magic through the easy-release valve. The filter can strain your tea directly into your ice-filled cup whereas keeping the tea leaves within the infuser.