Chabessey Silver Needle White Tea
Chabessey Silver Needle White Tea comes from high altitude plantations in Nepal. Picked with extreme care so as to not damage the leaves, this tea along with all its health benefits is in a league of its own. With exotic...
₹ 749.00
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Organic Ekta Golden Emperor Oolong Tea
Organic Ekta Golden Oolong tea has been named after the Ekta organisation that has the sole purpose of keeping the long forgotten Mineral Springs tea garden alive in the hearts and lives of people! The tea is a superior outcome...
₹ 699.00
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Chabessey Hand Rolled Delight Black Tea
This autumnal flush Black tea, straight from the terrains of Nepal are a favourite for many because of its floral, mild aroma and nutty, sweet delicate flavour. To preserve the tea and its essence, it is hand-rolled instead of using...
₹ 549.00
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Chabessey Green Delight
Chabessey Green Delight Tea is collected from the high-altitude farms of Nepal. It makes a strong-green colored liquid with a wild leafy aroma. Green tea is the proof of Nature’s love towards mankind. The bitter-sweet taste and charming fragrance of...
₹ 499.00
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