What is TeaSwan Dropshipping?

TeaSwan dropshipping is the packaging of our vast selection of fine teas into a variety of package options that are labelled with your company name.
We believe that keeping an inventory is one of the biggest challenges that small and start-up businesses face. Financing in large warehouses is not an option especially if you don't know how well they will sell.
TeaSwan dropshipping is an order fulfilment method where you can sell organic teas to your customers with the least risk. You simply provide us with the address while we manage dropshipping and deliver it to their doorstep. This signifies that you manage little to no inventory allowing you to invest your time on your business strategies, social media, giveaways, web design and marketing while we manage your dropshipping.
TeaSwan's start small dropshipping pattern is devised to hike your sales and increase revenue. From shipping your orders to allowing your customers to track their orders, TeaSwan dropshipping is fully vested in reselling your brand.


If you sell our products on your website, we can handle shipping to your customer through our Drop Shipping service.


When our web-based customers use our customized Drop Shipping service, we supply all the needed information to your business.


TeaSwan will ship the product directly from its warehouse to your customer's doorstep. Sell online without an inventory.

  • Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) -0 units of each tea

  • Sales/Support - You will work with a Certified Tea Specialist assigned to your account.
  • Customer Service - Available 7 days a week, 9.00 am to 1.00 am IST(16 hours) assist with your project
  • Label Printing - Premium quality full-colour custom printing.
  • Packaging - Automated and manual product packaging in our FDA approved facility.
  • Quality Control - Every order is checked for accuracy by our QC Specialists before shipment.
  • Shipping - We drop ship to Amazon, Grocery Stores, Hospitality and large accounts. We also do drop-ship individual orders to your customers.

Your tea packaging is as important as your tea itself. Tea, as we know, must be stored precisely as they can go bad very quickly and lose their flavour, aroma, taste and colour. We understand the importance of packaging and hence make sure our dropshipping standards are just as good as the teas themselves.
To ensure the packaging standards are on par with the teas, our preference is a zip-top bag produced exclusively for tea. The bag is foil-lined keeping the teas fresher for longer and ensuring maximum protection from the sun.
We are your biggest fan and are devoted to your success. We look ahead on forming an excellent working relationship with you!

  • Once you review our products, select the tea(s) you would like to offer in your lineup.
  • Order Samples of the teas you have considered.
  • Choose the packaging that meets your needs.
  • Select the size/weight of the products you would like to offer. We have simplified this process for you.
  • Send us your label template in a jpeg format - We will send you a sample of your label printed on the package you selected. You may also add your logo to one of our sample label templates.
  • Once you approve the label and package we will send you a purchase order.
  • Upon receipt of your deposit, we will begin working on your project to meet or exceed the completion date.
  • Your order will be shipped to you or the destination of your choice upon completion and final payment.

We can add in your business/company logo into our standard label template to aid your design. We, however, do not custom design labels. If you wish to custom design labels, we suggest you hire a graphic designer or do it yourself.
Once your label is ready for dropshipping, transfer us a high-resolution JPEG or TIFF file of your print-ready label.
Make sure the design or the logo perfectly fits the size of the label chosen.
Any adjustments or edits performed by our in-house graphics designer are done at a rate of ₹700 per design. We shall notify you before any alterations are made.
Any changes or edits made by our in-house graphics designer are done so at a rate of ₹700 per design an hour. We will advise you before any changes are made.

As mentioned before, we have a collection of more than 100+ exotic teas and blends from celebrated tea gardens in Darjeeling, Assam, Nepal & China. With a catalogue of award-winning teas, there is a huge opportunity for your online store with TeaSwan.
We are devoted to sustainable efforts and always have something for every customer you have.

Want to start your Dropshipping? Live Chat  or Contact Us !!

We strive to be a partner in your journey. Contact us and dropship awardwinning fresh and organic Darjeeling teas online.
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