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Become A Wholesale Tea Partner With TeaSwan

TeaSwan is a premium tea wholesaler offering a great selection of exotic premium Organic, loose leaf tea from Darjeeling, Assam, Nepal and China at bulk and for wholesale. As a wholesale loose leaf tea supplier, assure that our teas are obtained from various tea manufacturing regions of India, and unassuming to suit you and your customer's palate.


Whether you want matcha tea, black tea, green tea or white tea at bulk and wholesale prices, TeaSwan with its more wide range of loose leaf organic teas can be your only tea wholesale supplier.


We get our teas directly from the tea gardens and therefore manage to give you the freshest and the most organic loose leaf teas available at an affordable rate.


We at TeaSwan wholesale make sure that quality is achieved in each cup we deliver. Our teas are thoughtfully crafted to suit you and your customer's taste.


With products ranging from organic and non-organic to herbal and flavoured, get some of the most exciting blends and flavours.


At TeaSwan, we cater to your individual business needs and we want to see you succeed and grow. If our teas can be a part of it, we couldn’t be happier.

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We strive to be a partner in your journey. Purchase our fresh and tested Tea products.
Minimum order for Wholesale order is 5kg.

Get fresh Teas directly from the Garden

  • Completely customized and flexible offering for Hotels, Corporate and Bulk Distributors
  • Partners can:
    • Choose any tea from existing portfolio along with multiple flavoring options
    • Choose loose leaf or any type of tea bag options
    • Select from multiple packaging material
  • In addition, Teaswan helps partners support in customizing packaging artwork and labeling

Product Overview


  • Herbal Tulsi
  • Herbal Blood Cleanser
  • Calming Tea
  • Rooibos
  • Fasting Tea
  • Slimming Tea


  • Lemon Ginger
  • Cardamom Tulsi
  • Lavender
  • Rose Hibiscus
  • Jasmine
  • Kashmiri Chai


  • Chocolate Tea
  • Vanilla Tea
  • Apple Hibiscus Blackberry Tea
  • Mango Tea
  • Purple Cranberry
  • Whiskey Tea

Award Winning Products

Whether you are a trader or business entity like hotels, Cafe Chain there is always need of world class products for your customers. We strive to be a partner in your journey. Purchase our fresh and tested Tea products. Minimum order for Wholesale order is 5kg.

Doke Silver Needle

This exquisite, hand-made white tea is the epitome of delicate luxury. Experience the light sweetness of peach blossoms and apricot that overlays a subtle backdrop of marigold. The pale yellow brew feels as luxurious as it tastes.
Gold at Japan’s World O-CHA (Tea) Festival in 2016.

Doke Black Fusion

The first thing you’ll notice about this is the scent of spun sugar as the tea is steeping. Enjoy notes of malt, currants and a finish of grapefruit in this delightfully smooth brew. Robust, complex and buttery, this black tea is a must for all seasons. Pair with savory sandwiches or fragrant cheeses.
Silver at Australian Tea Expo’s Golden Leaf Awards in 2017.

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