• Incredible Holy Basil Tea

    Incredible Holy Basil Tea

    This is an aromatic herbal plant recipe that is filled with goodness and sweetness which can act as an add-on to start a healthy life. Well, yes this herbal tea is made from the leaves of the perennial medicinal plant, Ocimum tenuiflorum, or is commonly called the ‘Tulsi’. The tea has a strong aromatic astringent flavour which can taste very bitter to some. There are...
  • Blackberry Tea: Nutritious Health Benefits & Easy Recipe

    Blackberry Tea: Nutritious Health Benefits & Easy Recipe

    Blackberries are summertime fruit. This sweet tangy fruit can help you to prepare many things for eating such as yogurt and tea. Blackberry tea is generally a blend of blackberry and black tea. This tea has a high flavour of black tea and you can greatly enjoy this tea as it has a tarty and sweet flavour of blackberries. Blackberry tea can be made in different...
  • The Delicious Banana Tea

    The Delicious Banana Tea

    Banana tea is among those teas which have a wonderful taste as well as wonderful health benefits. Banana tea is usually made by boiling the whole banana into hot water and then drinking the remaining liquid. Banana tea can be made either by peeling it or by not peeling it, both are healthy. If you are making banana peel tea it usually takes longer...
  • Best Tea For Energy!

    Best Tea For Energy!

    Energy teas are way back before when energy drinks have existed. These energy teas are much better than energy drinks as they contain numerous benefits that can help multiple problems. The energy teas are consumed initially not for the energy supply but are mostly for their wide health benefits that they can treat and relieve. So, what is the best tea for energy? Best...
  • Refreshing Mint Tea: Let's Know More About It!

    Refreshing Mint Tea: Let's Know More About It!

    Peppermint is a herb that is mostly found in Europe and Asia. In the olden days and now also people use mint for medicinal purposes. Peppermint is also used to give flavour to various foods. These days peppermint is used in various products such as toothpaste, snacks, and teas. Many people use to drink peppermint tea to enjoy its taste but people also drink it...
  • The Benefits & Side Effects Of Nettle Tea

    The Benefits & Side Effects Of Nettle Tea

    Nettle tea is one of the most consumed herbal tea varieties in the world. It is often drunk as a medicinal juice as it has amazing healing properties.  The tea has a mild soothing taste that overwhelms a tired body. Being a healing herb it also comes with many allergic conditions that affect some people.  So, let’s get started to know more about this tea……...
  • Barley Tea: Health Benefits And Amazing Recipe

    Barley Tea: Health Benefits And Amazing Recipe

    Barley tea is a popular beverage, which originated in East Asia. Made by roasting barley, it is famous throughout the world and it is drunk. It is heavily consumed in Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, and China. Barley tea is used to treat many health problems diarrhea, fatigue, and inflammation. Since barley tea is not sweetened, it has a bitter tinge to its flavour. You...
  • Let's Know About High Tea!

    Let's Know About High Tea!

    Everyone has heard about black tea, white tea, green tea, cinnamon tea, and many varieties of tea available. But, what is High Tea - is it a new blended variety of tea or some traditional tea of some part of the world, or what is it? So let's get to know about it… What is High Tea? Well, looking at the term all of...
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