How Much Loose Tea For A Perfect Cup?


A perfect cup of tea needs the appropriate quantity of water in the right temperature, the ideal amount of tea leaves, the exact time to let the leaves steep. The idea is for the tea leaves to show this magic by diffusing their complete flavour and aroma in each sip. This guide focuses on solving your queries on “How much loose tea for a perfect cup?” and puts light on the 3 mistakes you make while preparing the perfect cup of tea! 

Unfortunately a “perfect cup of tea” remains elusive as we make mistakes in some areas:

  1. Getting the wrong temperature of water.
  2. Using the incorrect amount of loose tea leaves.
  3. Not letting the loose tea leaves steep to its entire glory.

This has resulted mainly due to inadequate knowledge about the brewing process of each tea which varies depending on each type of tea. The green tea needs to keep its delicacy whereas the black tea needs its strong flavour to kick in. Brewing is not less than an art because art is pure love and tea is nothing less!

We also provide answer to questions like “How much loose tea for green tea per cup?” and “How much loose tea for oolong tea per cup”. Before knowing all this we need to figure out the answer for “How much loose tea per cup?”

How much loose tea per cup

Studies have shown that we were using the amount of tea leaves according to the knowledge that was passed onto us by our ancestors who easily answered the question “How much loose tea per cup?” with a blunt answer like “As per your taste!” and not with much specification. But continuous studies on this matter have proved that this answer is not applicable to every type of tea as it can kill the taste as well as the aroma.

Studies and experiments to find the answer to the question “How much loose tea per cup?” continued and finally they agreed on to a certain amount that matches with the amount of loose tea a teaspoon can hold. The ideal amount of loose tea per cup for brewing a great cup of tea is 2-2.5g. This amount can give you the best cup of tea you were looking for.

How much loose tea for green tea per cup

3 mistakes you make while brewing the perfect cup!

  1. Getting the right temperature:

Temperature of water plays a very crucial role while preparing the tea. This is the part of brewing that most people will not even bother to get right as they feel that getting the water to boiling point is more than enough to prepare tea.

 Yes, it is true that it is enough to prepare tea but the question is “Is it enough to prepare the perfect cup of tea?” Clearly the answer is no. Water temperature is important when your goal is to prepare the perfect cup. We need to attain different water temperature for different variant of tea and it is given below








82* C 




80* C




98* C 

  1. Perfect amount of loose tea leaves:

The amount of tea leaves for the perfect cup is still a daydream because with different types of teaspoons, the measurement just falls short to attain the perfect cup. We are also clogged with questions like “How much loose tea for green tea per cup?”, “How much loose tea for oolong tea per cup” to name a few.

The beauty of a perfect cup is the right fraction of flavour and the pleasing smell that can bring an instant smile on your face. Likewise, each type of tea needs your complete attention and focus to flourish to its fullest. This can be achieved by perfecting the answer to the question “How much loose tea to use per cup?”

Green tea

Green tea is a delicate form of loose tea that is partially oxidized to revive the merits of fat loss and skin glow. Green tea spreads a warmth with a refreshing undertone as we take in each sip of the tea.

But studies have shown that people are confused about the answer to “How much loose tea for green tea per cup?” This question can only be answered with the brewing process of Green tea.

As said earlier, Green tea has a delicacy of its own and due to which the brewing is as delicate as green tea. The water is boiled to a temperature of 82 degrees to prepare the cup of green tea. The loose tea leaves of green tea are taken in the elegant chain infuser or the stainless steel filter of the infuser kettle. “How much loose tea for green tea per cup?” is still a mystery. For preparing a cup of green tea we use 2-2.5g of loose tea. We pour the hot water over the loose tea and let it steep for about 3 minutes or maybe stir even more for a stronger flavour.

Oolong tea

Oolong tea is an alluring and powerful brew that can uplift your mood after the first sip. The tea is a pure delicacy. It has an earthy flavour and an aroma filled with spices and fruitiness.

The question that concerns many is “How much loose tea for oolong tea per cup”. As oolong tea is rich in flavour and aroma the incorrect amount may overpower the complete palette and may produce a different unpleasing taste.

Oolong tea is prepared by boiling the water to 82 degrees and letting it sit for a few seconds if it starts to boil. The loose tea leaves of oolong tea are placed either in the elegant chain infuser or in the stainless steel filter of the infuser kettle. The perfect answer to the question “How much loose tea for oolong tea per cup” is 2-2.5g of loose tea. The water is poured over the loose tea leaves and is kept to let it steep for about 2-3 minutes to produce the perfect cup.

  1. Throwing out the loose tea leaves at the wrong time:

Loose tea needs it breathing time to let it steep its flavours and aroma throughout the cup. It needs to stay for a couple of minutes which is unique for various types of tea and this is essential for brewing the perfect cup!

Steeping is the process of letting the loose tea leaves diffuse and release its flavours and aroma to every single drop of the tea. This increases the chance of getting that bang on flavour and aroma you were looking for.

















Tea has the power to mould a bad day to a peaceful one by taking sips of a perfect cup of tea. As we say that the right balance of smiles and tears compliment life, we need the right amount of loose tea and patience to make the perfect cup!


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