The Changing Attitude Towards Tea


Tea was first discovered in China and through the traders from the West and Europe it made its journey around the world. Today it is a primary beverage in the whole world. Tea has got attached to people’s habit, mindset and culture. The ancient practice has been carried through ages with the inventions of new forms and practices.

The pure form of tea was utterly expensive and so it was never affordable for the common people; but the drink is so amazing that the common people could never stop having it. So, cheaper versions of tea were invented. It started in Britain when the government imposed a huge amount of tax on real tea. The unethical traders started mixing impurities with real tea to increase the volume and make business among the common people. However, the practice was stopped later by a decrease in the tax.

But still, tea always has had a high demand and the supply of pure leaves is limited. So, the lower grades of tea have ruled the market; what the common people consume in the name of tea is nothing but a liquor made of over-processed and chemically treated leaves.

With the growing awareness on tea, people are switching to premium qualities now. Everyone understands that real tea is expensive but it requires much lesser amount of leaves to prepare tea when you use premium tea. Even you can use the same leaves twice for brewing in some cases. So effectively it is not as expensive as it seems.

People already know that tea leaves are rich in antioxidants and several other beneficial substances. But those benefits can only be found in premium leaves which are carefully selected and hand processed, whereas the common market variants are not even the mimicry of the real thing. The low grade tea leaves are machine processed, so the leaves lose their natural qualities.

The real tea connoisseurs are loving only the premium tea brands to get the real taste and health benefits from tea. All varieties of tea—the black, white, green or oolong have different levels of benefit if you are using premium leaves.

The conscious folk are buying premium tea bags which use loose leafs and not tea dust which is found in common tea bags. The common tea bags containing fannings make an artificial flavor of tea and can give little benefit of tea. Also, the benefit of premium tea can be understood when it is taken without milk.

Tea is not just served as a hot beverage; with the difference in climates and the taste of people, tea has acquired its new forms. The summer countries have fallen in love with ice tea which is far more refreshing than packaged artificial soft drinks. Also tea is being served with different spices to bring new twist. Different herbs like lemon, ginger, mint, basil, chamomile, cinnamon, cranberry, apple etc are being infused to tea to increase the taste and health benefits.

The atmosphere of drinking tea has also changed over time. Before it was only a drawing room drink and outside people could get tea from roadside stalls only. Now the culture of tea rooms is flourishing just like coffee houses. People are having discussions, gossips or romance over cups of tea, in a nice friendly environment.

Tea is a wonder drink that has molded the thought and passion of mankind through different ages. Experiments with tea will never end and we will keep getting new amazing trends of tea.   

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