Tea is a refreshing beverage for all, specially for people living in countries where summer is the prevalent season. Coffee is good during winter, but most of the people like tea during the hot season. Tea has so many varieties that people often get confused about its preparation.
A number of people think that milk tea is the best treat for refreshment while simple tea liquor tastes bland. But the actual case is just the reverse. Firstly, tea loses its natural qualities when boiled in milk. It may taste good, but the actual benefit of tea is lost.
Tea brewed in boiled water is the best thing in reality. Just you need to use premium loose leaf tea for brewing to have the original taste of tea. Low grade CTC leaves will make a bitter concoction which cannot be sipped without the addition of milk or sugar.
Let us tell you the story of the first tea. It was around 2737 BC when a Chinese Emperor, Shen Nung tasted tea for the first time. Actually it was an accident. Servants boiled drinking water for the Emperor when some leaves accidentally fell into the boiled water. The Emperor felt curious and drank the mixture, to discover a wonder beverage that ruled the world in the following centuries.
So, the original tea was brewed in boiled water. What Shen Nung tasted was made of pure tea leaves, so no milk or sugar was needed to add taste to the drink. Now the question is how to brew tea perfectly.

The Water:
The first thing you need to consider is the water used for brewing tea. There is no need to mention that the water must be purified; otherwise the chemical salts present in water will spoil the taste.
Water should be heated below the boiling point. Boiling will remove the oxygen from water, so tea will taste bland. Also, an overheated water will spoil the goodness of antioxidants in tea, and the natural flavor. So, water should be boiled until bubbles start coming upwards within it. It should be removed from the heater or the flame at this point.
Distilled water is not good for tea as it lacks the minerals of water; the minerals enhance the taste of tea.
If you are truly perfect about brewing tea, then do not heat water more than once. Always take fresh cold water for making fresh tea.
The finer the tea is, the less hot should be the water; it means that black tea which is fully oxidized should be brewed at a higher temperature than that needed for the subtler versions like green tea or white tea.

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