Before exploring the world of herbs, there is one thing you should know. There is often a misconception, that herbal tea is also tea. However, herbal tea is not made from the plant Camellia sinensis, therefore shouldn’t be confused with the real “TEA”. Yet, there is no constrains for you to enjoy a delicious cup of herbal tea or tisanes. Today with the advancements and innovations in the beverage industry, the Herbal tea segment is booming at a rapid rate, essentially due to its proven health benefits. Some of the most popular herbal teas are Chamomile Tea, Ginger Tea, Cinnamon Tea, Dandelion Tea, Echinacea Tea, Fennel Tea, Ginseng Tea, and etc. All these drinks are usually full of antioxidants and other medicinal properties that promote health. Most of it can help you relieve certain body ailments, such as battling sluggish digestion, easing arthritis pain, and enjoying a sound sleep. Further, as it has been derived from a herb, fruit or root, possesses a vast verity of flavors while exhibiting more appealing colors and aroma.

We have a collection of herbal teas that have been crafted very carefully to stimulate your palate while nourishing your body.

  • Fasting: This Ayurvedic beverage is made with the combination of nature’s most beneficial herbs like ginger, chamomile, cardamom, pepper, and basil, can effectively help a control migraine or an ordinary headache; it is also beneficial for menstrual pain. Also, it has a pleasing aroma of spicy herbs and you will love to have more of it. (Try now)
  • Kapha Herbal: The Kapha Herbal Chai is a healthy concoction of green tea, pepper, ginger, cinnamon, cloves, and fennel. This tea partakes multiple health benefits such as curing cough, sore throat and digestive disorders. (Try now)
  • Pita Herbal: Pitta Herbal Chai is prepared using green tea, saffron, fennel, cinnamon, cardamom, clove, ginger, and mint. It is an excellent remedy for mood disorder, anxiety and stress and helps digestion. (Try now)
  • Vata Herbal: This is an exceptional creation to keep you cool and balanced. Made up of green tea, lemongrass, lemon peels, fennel, cinnamon, cardamom, cloves, ginger and bay leaves, this tea has excellent taste and fragrance. (Try now)
  • Herbal Blood Cleanser: The combination of ginger, pepper, licorice, cloves, nutteng, and turmeric. Due to the presence of turmeric, makes it a healthy tea and it works as a great stomach tonic and blood purifier, and as a remedy for cold and cough. (Try now)
  • Herbal Calming: This tea is a unique concoction of herbs like chamomile, lemon peels, bay leaves, fennel, and marigold. Special properties soothe the nerves and calm down strained nerves relieving stress and anxiety. It cures a drowsy mood effectively with its soothing brew. (Try now)
  • Herbal Foxtrot: This wonderful mixture of rooibos, mint, chamomile and bay leaves is a great remedy for stomach ailments, nausea, acidity, constipation, and heartburn. Further, it improves the metabolism and beneficial for your teeth and bones. (Try now)
  • Herbal Tulsi: This wonderful tea contains tulsi (holy basil), coriander, cardamom, nutmeg, and ginger. This tea is an excellent remedy or a cough and cold and also prevents bacterial infection. It has wonderful flavor and aroma to soothe the nerves and cures stress, anxiety, and depression. (Try now)
  • Herbal Five Spice: Herbal Five-Spice Tea is made with the combination of black tea, fenugreek, cumin, fennel, ajwain and black cumin. It has a soothing effect on stomach pain and indigestion. This is a rich antioxidant formula cleanses toxins and improves metabolism. (Try now)

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