7 Amazing Blue Tea Benefits that will Blow Your Mind!

Butterfly pea flower tea, popularly known as Blue Tea, is a herbal tea which is totally caffeine free. It is a beverage made from the infusion of the flower petals of the Clitoria ternatea plant. Some of the blue tea benefits are a proof why it is known to be a hidden gem in the categories of tea!

Being herbal and caffeine free, blue tea serves the purpose of being not just a tea, but also as a health drink. 

What are the Benefits of Blue Tea?

When at any point of time someone hears the word “tea”, either a black coloured tea or a green coloured tea pops up in our minds. The tea drinkers think beyond this! This special blue coloured tea is not just consumed for its beautiful colour, but also because of the surprising blue butterfly pea flower tea health benefits.

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Blue Tea Health Benefits:

Effective for weight loss 

One major problem that everyone faces in today’s generation is the problem of obesity. People work out, maintain strict diets and cut out sugar intake in total. It upsets any tea lover who needs to think of quitting tea because of the obvious reasons! Tea Swan is ready to provide you with its natural, herbal, caffeine free blue tea that aids in the process of weight loss. Apart from Green Tea, Blue Tea is the new trend! 

According to one study, it has been proved that blue tea helps in weight loss by preventing and fighting against fatty liver diseases. It is the main reason for gaining fat in the belly area. Blue tea helps to burn the belly fat and in turn, results in weight loss. 

So, enjoy a cup of this beautiful blue tea that will give a boost to your body metabolism.

Paracetamol? No! Blue Tea

Are you down with fever, body and muscle pain with a slight headache and a runny nose? We are here to offer you with the best solution to all these problems! One of the most important blue tea benefits is that it works as a perfect, natural paracetamol. 

A medical journal revealed that blue tea have certain antipyretic properties and has effects on the human body similar to that of paracetamol tablets. It is a great drink, taking in note its varied health benefit of acting as a pain reliever and fever reducer at the same time.

Have a hot, perfectly brewed cup of blue tea in order to get relief from even the slightest headaches!

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Takes care of your Eye Health

It is a known fact that blue tea is widely recognised for its impeccable health benefits. For maintaining a strong and clear vision, two cups of blue tea in your daily routine is a must thing to do! 

The blue tea plant is a rich source of health boosting antioxidants. Out of the many antioxidants present, Proanthocyanidin is one of them. It is responsible for increasing the blood flow in the capillaries of the eyes. Blue tea benefits also include treating retinal damage and blurred vision.

In Indonesia and Bali, blue tea is a natural remedy to treat their eye problems. Hence, along with the beautiful colour and flavour of the tea, it is also a benefit to the eyes! 

Effective against Stress, Anxiety and Depression

Teenagers and adults visiting psychologist or psychiatrist in today’s world is a common thing that we find. People overburdened with their professional and personal life so much that it leads them to stress, anxiety and depression.

If you had a long and hectic day at work or had a bad meeting, where your boss was not happy with your presentation, and if you are suffering from stress and headache, Blue Tea is here for your rescue!

The major benefits of blue tea includes reducing stress. Antioxidants present in the blue tea have a charismatic effect on human body that helps them to lift up their mood and relax their mind. A good cup of blue tea before going to bed ensures that you have a good night’s sleep with no work stress.

A medical journal in the recent studies also revealed that blue tea is effective against depression and anxiety. Some of the mental health professionals also suggests two cups of warm blue tea every day to people who have a tendency of anxiety and breakdown.


A relief news for all the tea lovers out there! If you are an earnest tea lover and have diabetes or high sugar tendencies, you do not have to compromise with your love for tea! Another major blue pea tea benefits or blue tea benefits is that it helps in keeping your sugar levels in check.

Though there is still not any concrete cure for diabetes, it is found that blue tea is actually effective for diabetes in keeping its level low and curing type II diabetes. 

Best taken in its plain and raw form, blue tea leaves should be perfectly brewed so that the nutrients are not lost from the tea. Taking a cup of blue tea in between your meals will help to regulate blood sugar levels in the body and lower the blood glucose level. 

A recent medical study proved that blue tea extract showed anti-diabetic properties, which are similar to that of anti-diabetic drugs.

So, without a second thought about the consumption of blue tea, feel free to have as many cups as you want!

Good for Heart Health

For the tea lovers, any tea is good for the heart and soul! But blue butterfly pea flower tea health benefits include the most necessary one- a good heart health. Blue tea does not only protect the body from infections but also keeps the heart in a healthy state.

Studies have revealed that blue tea is effective in lowering high cholesterol levels, which is the major risk factor for heart diseases including heart failures. Blue tea benefits also include protection of the heart from hyperlipidemia, which refers to a condition of abnormally high concentration of fats in the blood.

Blue tea acts like a protective shield for the heart that curbs the risk of blockage, blood clotting and heart attacks.

In order to keep your heart and soul healthy and in a good and fit state, have at least two cups of blue tea daily!

Promotes Anti-ageing, Premature Greying and Male Baldness

Having a forever and young look is the ultimate dream for everybody! Blue tea products from the Tea Swan is right here to your rescue!

One among the many Blue tea benefits is anti-ageing. Blue tea leaves are packed with antioxidants that are good for your skin, hair and health. Containing the compound Anthocyanin, increases blood flow in the scalp that helps the hair roots to grow firm and strong.

Blue tea has anti-glycation properties, which means it slows the process of glycation and keeps the skin young.

Flavonoids found in the blue tea increases skin elasticity. It means the skin cells are protected against drying up and dying.

The blue tea benefits are exclusive characteristics of the blue tea and a solid reason as to why to consume it. The perfect cup of blue tea can be made at home simply. Boil water and brew the tea leaves for 3 minutes. Consumed in the raw state, the ideal time for drinking blue tea is at night. Since it is a stress reliever, it will ensure that you have a good sleep and wake up as fresh as a daisy in the morning!

A true hidden gem in the world of tea, every tea lover and tea explorer should go for blue tea. It is not only pleasing to look at its beauty but also, it has a woody and earthy flavour that peps up your mood. We have an exquisite collection of blue tea in Tea Swan that is sure to steal your heart away!

Therefore, start your day afresh with a cup of beauty in your hands and end it with a cup of beauty as well! When the craze for blue tea reaches its peak, we want you to be leading the craze!


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