Top 11 Best Tea for Studying -Optimize your mental sharpness and stay focused for longer.

What’s the Best Way to Start Studying?

Don't let your memory slow you down. Grab a cup of any one of these teas! revitalize your mind,  refresh your body, and get better grades by making the most of your studies. Drinking tea has many mental health benefits, and it’s a great way to calm your nerves before a big exam. Drinking tea is also a time-honored study tradition, especially for students in China, Japan, and India. So if you want to stay focused and energized, try out one of these 11 teas. They’ll make you more alert and improve your memory, so you can ace your test with ease.

A recent study led by researchers from the National University of Singapore revealed that regular tea drinkers have better organized brain regions compared to non-tea drinkers. The research team made this discovery after examining neuroimaging, psychological well-being, lifestyle, and health data of 36 older adults through the neuropsychological test, and Magnetic Resonance Imagining (MRI). The findings were published in the scientific journal titled Aging on 14 June 2019. 

Boosting your brain with the right drink will help you concentrate and retain pieces of information in a smarter, and better way. Although you can opt for drinks with higher caffeine content such as coffees, or other packaged instant energy beverages to instantly increase your alertness for a shorter period, it is not considered the best way to revive your mind. As these are more associated with some unhealthy reasons, especially if you are caffeine-sensitive.

It is always better for students to go for less or no caffeinated versions of energizing drinks to avail the best benefits without any side effects. So, we bring the collection of these best tea for studying that let you concentrate more by enhancing your brainpower.

1. Rosemary Tea

Acetylcholine is the chemical secreted in the brain that is responsible for brain functions such as concentration, thinking, and remembering. Rosemary Tea contains rosemary oil that helps in preventing the breakdown of acetylcholine. It is the best tea to stay awake when you need to sit and study for long hours. The aroma of Rosemary Tea has a calming effect on the brain as it allows nerves to relax and maintain proper blood circulation throughout the brain.

The compounds found in this tea also helps in boosting energy level, reducing anxiety, and prevents against damage of brain tissues. Extract of essential Rosemary oil in Rosemary Tea also aids in curing dementia, possibly corrects symptoms of memory impairment.

2. Ashwagandha Root Tea

Glycowithanolides found in the root of Ashwagandha have proven astounding effects in the improvement of cognitive function such as memory, learning, decision making, perception, attention, language abilities. It is one of the best Rasayana of Ayurveda that accelerates higher brain functions and helps in nervine and nervous system restoration actions.

Also increases the sensorimotor function, auditory reaction time, and mental arithmetic ability more than placebo as shown in a double-blind, placebo-controlled study. It contains an anti-stress hormone that helps in lowering the secretion of the stress hormone Cortisol that is produced by adrenal glands. It is also used for the treatment of a kind of anxiety called Agoraphobia (anxiety experienced in the crowd).

It is capable of easing all the symptoms of anxiety and stress such as trembling, increased heart rate, nervousness, sweating, feeling of danger, and uncertainty. It acts similar to a medicine prominent in curing depression Benzodiazepine which also carries some side effects that Ashwagandha does not. All these properties make Ashwagandha Root Tea one of the best tea for studying.

3. Gotu Kola Tea

Gotu Kola tea helps in fighting the condition of stress, anxiety, depression, and various cognitive disorders. It is the most recommended tea for inhibiting sleep which eases the nerves of the brain. It diverts your thinking towards a positive aspect of circumstances. This eliminates the problem of negative thinking that comes with depression. It also induces a feeling of calmness.

This in turn leads to better concentration, memory retention, less-fatigued, more alert, and focused without putting any extra load on the brain cells. Gotu Kola Tea is the best tea for stress and focus as it is  memory-enhancing herbal tea. It has healing effects on the brain. Natural acids found in the extracts of this herb helps with the regulation of dopamine. Dopamine is responsible for increasing the ability to think, plan, and feel pleasure. It removes the toxicity and amyloid plaque accumulates in the brain cells. 

Best Tea for Studying

4. Matcha Tea

L-thiamine, a rare amino acid that is found in ample amounts ( approx 4-5 times more than other regular green, or black teas) in Matcha Green tea, helps in improving the motor skills and focusing ability of the brain. It helps in concentration, alertness and, calmness by subsidizing the effect of stress.

This is the reason why Japanese monks take it before their long hours of meditation. Japanese monks also take the tea before they meditate. Research shows that matcha powder benefits brain function and mental health in several ways. Matcha tea may be able to help alleviate the symptoms of brain fog, lack of focus, or forgetfulness and is therefore called one of the best tea for brainpower

5. Jasmine Tea

Floral teas activate dopamine, serotonin, and oxytocin which trigger a sense of well-being, happiness, and security. It relaxes your brain muscles and improves blood circulation within them. Antidepressants present in Jasmine Tea helps in reducing the level of stress and acts as an antidote for depression. It boosts up mental health and reduces the risk of depression by reducing stress and improving blood circulation in your brain.

It also improves your brain muscle strength. In one study, the fragrance of jasmine tea improved the mood of the participants more than black tea. The aroma also had a calming effect on the autonomous nervous system. In another study, it has been found that jasmines affected the level of anxiety as its aroma this tea pacifies the autonomic nervous system. 

6. Ginseng Tea

Compound K and ginsenosides found in Ginseng tea help in protecting the brain against damages caused by free radicals. Reduces Unclear Thinking, Autism, and Alzheimer’s. Also, the neuroprotective effect of Ginseng tea helps in lessening the most rapidly increasing affliction - depression, which could ultimately, if not treated, leads to severe brain abnormalities. In total, having ginseng tea helps in maintaining sound mental healing by calming the body and nerves. 

Ginseng is effective in memory improvement, and the direct prevention of degenerative brain diseases such as Alzheimer's disease. Indirectly, enhanced memory can ameliorate anxiety, according to a study by the University of Medicine in New Zealand. The study followed 30 healthy people who consumed 200 mg of Ginseng daily for four weeks. At the end of the study, they showed improvement in mental health, social functioning, and mood.

7. Ginger Tea

Ginger is rich in antioxidants that protect the brain from free radical damage. The added tingling sensation will make you more alert and help you feel less fatigued. Ginger may slow the progression of Alzheimer’s disease. Ginger increases the level of two of the most important neurotransmitters, serotonin, and dopamine.

Inflammation is now gaining scientific acceptance as a root cause of depression. Ginger can help in curing depression due to its anti-inflammatory properties. The antioxidants in ginger also improve memory loss after a stroke and improve attention and working memory. Ginger Tea is a supernatural brew that improves memory, reaction time, and concentration.

8. Chamomile Tea

Chamomile is an herb that comes from the daisy-like plant family Asteraceae. Two of these plant species are used to make herbal infusions for teas and traditional medicines. The flowers mainly consist of ‘polyphenols’ that include Apigenin, Quercetin, Patuletin, and Luteolin along with essential oil compounds that are very healthy for the body. Chamomile tea is considered one of the best tea for energy and focus. This decaffeinated tea prevents the secretion of stress hormones which lets you study more without tension. 

9. Lavender Tea

Essential oils such as linalyl acetate and, linalool found in Lavender makes it one of the top 4 teas for sleep. Lavender Tea is also known for its soothing fragrance. Its aromatic and calming fragrance can relax the mind and the body. The unique oils found in it are capable of relaxing the stressed nerves of the brain by allowing them to stretch and relax. 

It is used in an aromatherapy diffuser and, vapouriser for, patients suffering from anxiety and, depression. Taking it especially in between your study hours helps you to improve your memorizing skills.

10.Yerba Mate Tea

Polyphenols in Yerba Mate Tea consist of robust antioxidants which stimulate the secretion of the feel-good hormone released by the brain, dopamine. This reduces the oxidative stress of the brain which in turn leads to enhanced memory function, fights the risks of dementia, depression. It is also rich in several minerals, vitamins which are considered good stimulators of neurotransmitters.

Yerba Mate tea is said to be the best tea for focus and energy. Although it consists of a mild amount of caffeine, it is the natural caffeine present in the tea. Theobromine is a compound found in Yerba Mate Tea which is also attributed beneficial for improving cognitive functions and help you study more efficiently.

11. Peppermint Tea

The essential oils of peppermint make Peppermint tea the best tea for memory and concentration. The refreshing taste and aroma of Peppermint tea are just what you need to give yourself during your study hours after a tiring school, or college day. This will help you to concentrate on your studies without getting bored. This is perfect to fill you up with instant energy that lets your tiredness vanish in a couple of seconds.

Peppermint tea also reduces the stress-induced feelings of anxiety, which if continues may lead to depression. The mint extracts in Peppermint Tea not only retrieve cognitive functions of the brain naturally but also improves oral health which boosts your confidence.

Final Words

If you find it hard to stay focused on your studies or if the task at hand is challenging, you should try drinking any one of these 11 best tea for studying. Research has shown that tea is a stimulant, so it can be helpful for mental stimulation. Although you can try out caffeinated teas for an instant energy boost for a shorter time that is not always mostly recommendable due to its limited benefits.

But it is always advisable to have caffeine-free teas which have proven to be the best teas for studying with many other health benefits and no side effects. You can find varieties of caffeine-less blends of the best tea for studying at Teaswan. 







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